Game Designer

Game Designer Game Designer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Be creative, imaginative and original
  2. Work closely in tight-knit teams with programmers and artists to achieve design development goals
  3. Have a thorough understanding of the market and target audience
  4. Balance game pacing/progression and in-game resources/economy to both ensuring the long term retention of players and to optimize monetization
  5. A methodological approach to identifying and quantifying game difficulty
  6. Research and follow current industry trends including new game genres, design methods, game themes and mechanics
  7. Work well both in a team and individually, while being able to adapt to change quickly.
  8. Maintain game documentation as needed throughout the lifecycle of the project Knowledge in creating the following documents
    • Game pitch presentation
    • Game concept document
    • Game design document


  1. A strong interest in mobile games and a passion for playing games from multiple genres over many years
  2. Having shipped at least one successful social/casual/freemium game title as a Game Designer
  3. Strong knowledge of the basic rules of Game Design (Gameplay, balancing, reward, pacing, and learning curve)
  4. Excellent written communication and presentation skills (in English)
  5. Have problem-solving skills
  6. Storytelling to craft and communicate your vision
  7. Ability to convey ideas and to provide clear formalization of complex concepts
  8. Work well under pressure and able to meet deadlines
  9. Experience with Unity 3D
  10. Experience with wireframing, flow diagrams, and prototyping
  11. An understanding of statistics and analytics
  12. An Understanding of emotion based games
  13. Have basic drawing and 3D design skills
  14. To be able to handle criticism well
  15. Willing to keep up to date with new developments and trends in the Digital games market

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