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Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things?

IoT is the ability to transfer information/data over a particular network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. The physical objects that are embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies for exchanging data and connecting with other devices over the internet. These devices can be either ordinary household objects or any sophisticated tools and machines.


How it works?

An IoT system uses embedded systems such as sensors, processors and hardware devices for communication. These devices collect the data and process them to do the work without the intervention of humans. IoT tools share the data from sensors they collect and send them to the cloud. Setting instructions for the device is necessary to access the data. The communication protocols, connectivity and networking used with web-enabled devices depend on IoT technology.

Internet of Things can be implemented in Machine Learning and in Artificial Intelligence for dynamic and easy data collection process.

What problems does IoT actually solve?

IoT provides solutions to industrial problems and has certain advantages well. It monitors the overall process of business. IoT provides good customer experience by saving time and money. Employee productivity can be increased and business models can be integrated. By implementing internet of Things, a firm can generate more revenue, making better business decisions.

IoT helps to enhance the business strategies by providing modern tools. It is playing major role in every part of the industry which includes, healthcare sectors, retail, finance and manufacturing.

What are the technologies that enable Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is enabled by technologies like Cloud Computing, Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, Big Data Analytics, Communication Protocols, Semantic Search Engines, Web Services, Security Protocols and Mobile Internet. These technologies play a vital role in implementing IoT.

The challenges of IoT

The three main challenges in IoT are

Longevity and Compatibility – IoT has started to grow faster than ever. In order to compete with other technologies it requires the deployment of additional software and hardware.

Connectivity – IoT is now relying on client/server paradigm to authorize, authenticate and connect different network. Connecting large number of devices will be challenging in the near future.

Security – The main drawback is that privacy infringement while implementing Internet of Things. Hacking of monitors and other devices in IoT is easy.