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Mixed Reality

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality brings the digital elements and real world together. By using imaging technologies we can communicate and manipulate virtual and physical environments. MR provides the ability to place one foot/ hand in the imaginary place and the other in real world. This offers a different experience that changes the way we work day-to-day. Mixed Reality is dispatched through head mounted glasses.

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How MR differs from AR & VR?

Mixed reality is the younger sibling of Augmented Reality. It merges the real an virtual world to create a new visualization and environment where the digital and physical objects interact and co-exist in real time. For instance, the doctors having a digital inlay while performing a surgery, delivering a detailed information on the ongoing process.

Origin of Mixed Reality

Microsoft in 2016, launched the Microsoft HoloLens which has a vast understanding of physical environment. However, Mixed Reality was coined in the year 1994 by Fumio Kishino and Paul Milgram. They explored the idea of Virtuality Continnum which is applied to taxonomical displays. This includes, Spatial sound, Locations and Positioning in both virtual and real spaces and the Environmental input.

What Is Mixed Reality (MR) - The Concept & Implementation

What are contributions of Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality has come up with a variety of applications and benefits in almost all the fields.

  1. Engineering – It provides trainings in engineering, simulation of real-time processes, and monitoring services.
  2. Education – Engaging in fun ways of learning, enables touch and manipulation of objects, and interaction with environment.
  3. Healthcare – MR has many potential applications in healthcare sectors. Human anatomy while doing surgeries can easily be seen using the application of Mixed Reality.
  4. Entertainment – Implementation of Mixed Reality is not only meant for gaming, it plays a major role in entertainment industries like Lucasfilm, Magic Leap, Industrial light and magic.

Challenges of Mixed Reality

  1. The gadgets MR gadgets are bulky and are too expensive.
  2. Subjected to public skepticism
  3. Lack of regulations
  4. Physical safety risks