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Influential Emerging Technologies for 2021

Technologies are driving forward the tech companies for the past few decades. It’s been an unexpected and different start to this year. The 2021 ranking in technologies differ from then past year rankings. CompTIA Emerging Technology Community has come up the complete set on influential technologies of 2021. The emerging technologies are AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), 5G technology, AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality), Biometrics, Serverless Comupting, Blockchain, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Robotics, and Quantum Computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is creating a much greater impact on the future. It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence market will reach $395 billion by the year 2025. AI technology has the most prominent and significant impact on all emerging technologies. AI completes the tasks sooner and has multi-tasking abilities to ease the workload. AI executes hitherto tasks without outlays in cost. It has no downtime and operates without interruption. AI has a great market potential, which can be integrated across various industries and helps the differently abled individuals. It possess excellent decision making skills and makes the process smarter and faster.

5G Technology

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5G technology wireless generation has an increased speed and efficient than the 4th Generation in many aspects. It has low latency, where the transmission of round-trip data takes only five milliseconds. While manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics will be benefited by this advantage in 5G technology. This is likely to be more popular as it is seamless and has improved connectivity.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things helps in easily accessing the required data in real-time from anywhere. It has good adaptability to new standards and has better time management. IoT helps in performing tasks with high speed and completes numerous tasks within a short span of time. Enhanced collection of data and improved system security are the notable advantages of Internet of Things.


Biometrics provides high security and assurance which helps to verify and identify the person. The user experience is fast and convenient and everyone can access the unique set of Biometrics. The main beneficial aspect is that Biometrics are hard to steal or fake. Input is required for authentication and one cannot share a physical data digitally. Physical applications are used to transfer the information. It approaches finger print method hence it is easy to place a finger rather that typing a password. The chances of forgetting the passwords is common and there is no need to concern about these problems when using biometrics.

Natural Language Processing

NLP performs large scale analysis with accuracy. It is employed in industries for better understanding of markets and for customer satisfaction. Streamlining processes and cost reduction are the most common benefits in Natural Language Processing. It has actionable insights and gain real understanding. It is more flexible than a dialogue interface and suitable for handicapped.


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AR/VR technologies help in providing training in an affordable and safe manner. This is considered to be the better way to practice skills. VR puts the learners completely into a virtual environment which enables the navigation in virtual world for better practical learning. “Learning with doing” strategy is followed, hands on training is the one of the best ways to learn easier and faster. Soft skills and expertise are developed, making employees ready to meet the emergency situations.