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Everything you need to know before starting your career in Gaming Industry!

How was your college time?

My college time was pretty well. I have studied B.A(Hons) Game Design. During my college days, I developed a keen interest in game development and started to learn on my own. My family members are quite uncertain about the gaming industry and the career opportunities it provides to game developers. I started to work on my career path and gained some insights into what game development is.I have realized, there prevailed a common misconception among people that the gaming industry provides very low career options. Fortunately, it isn’t. It took some time for people to understand the career aspects.

Why you choose gaming as your career?

During my university time, I was keen on gaming and I predicted that the gaming industry is going to have a good future opportunity. Also, I understood that not everyone can land their feet on gaming without proper desire and skills. I believed that I possessed good aids to do gaming.

What was your first job?

I worked on Facebook. Our team developed a game called Gully cricket, a Facebook game. It was a very good experience back then working with the team. Now, I’m working in Afford as a project manager.

Interview preparation tips to the students

My advice to students is that they have to be practically strong in their domain. Also, they have to work on projects that are challenging and innovative. They will get so many practical exposures and can perform the tasks effectively. Hence, you can get better knowledge retention, improved skillset, deep understanding, Practical learning, as mentioned above, has the unique ability to help students apply their skills in a non-classroom environment.

How do you keep yourself updated?

I usually follow blogs and interact with so many working professionals. I enquire them about the new projects, updates, ongoing projects as well. This helps me to keep myself aware of new technologies in the tech industry.

What do you expect in a CV?

I find CVs with detailed project descriptions as a good one. Writing your project description unclear or short won’t bring positive impacts. Making in detail explains that how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your project.

Advice for someone who is looking for a job

Explore and update yourself. Work on so many projects and come up with brainstorming ideas. Analyzing the latest trends and learning them accordingly is also important.

What is your dream job?

Becoming an entrepreneur is my biggest dream and I am working on it.