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What is the difference between gaming and game development?

The major difference between game programmers and gamers is that gamers only focus on the experience and excitement that a game delivers to them whereas the game designers and programmers contribute towards the design and development of every aspect of the game. Coding and designing are the two main aspects in creating a video game.

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Why gaming development is a good career option?

If you are interested and passionate about developing games, then gaming industry offers you a challenging environment to showcase your skills. The salary figures are also encouraging. Programming games is not only a fun job. It is one of the highest paying jobs of all time. Gaming Industry is a popular field that converts your passion into profession. It has an excellent pay and job security. people can work in an easy-going environment. There is a scope of creativity and connects people with communities.

How to become a good game developer?

Gaming with a purpose and immersing yourself in the community makes you a better game developer. Making a proper plan, learning with consistency, willingness to learn new things and stepping out from your comfort zone are the key elements that gives a considerable progress in your game development career. Playing the game and paying a narrative attention towards it helps you understand the structure and design thoroughly. Connecting with people having similar passion is an ultimate flex in becoming good at your profession.

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When the gaming industry has started?

Gaming has started since 1970s and the very first commercial arcade game was introduced in the year 1971 by Nutting associates. Pong to the arcades was developed by Atari in 1972, formed by Nolan Bushnell, the person who developed the computer space.