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Immersive Skills Network (IMSK.Net) community started by a team of volunteers from various domains like Game Developers, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Industry Professionals, Media Professionals and Digital Artists from South India and we are rapidly growing.

To work and support the industry here we have been running various programs and educating the industry of best practices and other various techniques to help Industries, start-ups, and entrepreneurs alike. Our objective is to make this series of industry well equipped with the best talent and the best opportunity for the talents to take it forward.

We connect the students who are passionate to learn and implement new technologies with eminent and skilled professionals by carrying out internships, jobs, and apprentice programs.

what we do

Course Designing

We help Academia create industry path courses by integrating and defining learning principles that make a better instructional plan for the students of the day.

Training & Workshops

We connect academia with industry experts to built the best student industry collaboration and also work with industry to upscale their employee with the best practises of the industry and also provide master workshop to increase the productivity.

AR & VR Lab Setup

We help industry / academia establish AR VR centre of excellence or innovation lab that would suffice the need for production or learning in collaboration with various partners.


We offer consulting services to companies of all scale and sizes helping them with transformation of policies to projects, requirement and need analysis, solution and deployment, cost estimations and act as a consultant on the board. our team of experts and veterans also have experiences conducting both research projects and live projects.


The partner across multiple academic institution for enabling this industry knowledge into the ecosystem. We also partners with multiple solution providers for immersive media technology and help their visibility in the current market. We partner with various institution and companies to make them flourish and cycle new talent. We also tie up with various industries for internships jobs and projects listings.

Our Founders



Interactive media and partnership


Mario Royston

Games and its domain services

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Our Volunteers


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