Industry Workshop on Unreal fundamentals

    As part of the IMSK industry workshop series, we are hosting a workshop on "unreal fundamentals".    Speakers of the day are:      Gomathi Shankar (Unreal Trainer, The Happiness Room)     Chetan Hansraj (Unreal Instructor, The Happiness Room). The main contents to be taught: Why ue4? Overview for an artist What can I do with it? Launcher+ different templates. How do I get started? 1st Project + editor overview + first level....

Skills to learn in 2021

Information Technology Technology is replacing humans and are in high demand due its notable advantages like time efficiency and remort work. High demand skills in tech industry include: Artificial IntelligenceCloud ComputingAugmented Reality/Virtual RealityCyber securityBlockchainMobile Development Data Analysis and Statistics Left-brain thinkers rejoice: data is the name of the game across many industries in 2021.  If you’re looking...

Best career options to choose after your 12th grade

Medicine There is a huge number of students who apply for the medical field each year in India. The nobility of the profession, earning potential, respect and social status lure a lot of students every year to apply for the medical examinations held across the country. But only the best of the lot clear the same and are able to take admission into the medical institutions. The demand for doctors is so high in India that no one who has the...

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